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Sexism Too Far?

January 22, 2018

The other night, while I went about my usual pizza delivery tasks, I listened to an interesting debate on the radio. Two females were discussing (or maybe arguing) whether feminism had been taken too far and that it’s image was being affected as a result. Its an interesting concept and as a man I often think whether sexism is now sometimes thrown on male shoulders. Now don’t get me wrong, this is only a fraction of the mantle that women have had to bear over the centuries but when we’re trying to create equality shouldn’t we make sure it is applied to both sexes?

Ok so before I start let me get some facts straight. Sexism against women is rife in the world and a lot more than people realise. Abuse occurs a lot more than we know, women’s careers are held back and a lot of men have stereotypical images of women that are morally and ethically wrong to have. I support equality one hundred percent but I’d like to think of myself as a realist too.

There are many places where inequality is put upon women where it is extremely unfair but I do feel that sometimes things are taken too far. Recently we’ve seen just how many women have been sexual abused thanks to the Weinstein scandal but I really feel like I’m not allowed to look at an attractive woman as if its some sort of crime. Am I wrong in thinking that attraction is part of humanity? I like it when a woman happens to smile at me. I’m not talking about staring at someone’s breasts or wolf whistling and cat calling, Jesus get some manners, but with ‘men’ being grouped together I feel like I’m being thrown in with these guys. Is it wrong to make a move on someone? I’ve never just suddenly jumped on a person, I pretty much get to know them first, but I’ve heard female friends say that a bloke has no right to touch a date’s face or close in for a kiss. How the heck are things supposed to go forward then? I know we shouldn’t clamp our hands on a woman’s thigh under the table or grab a breast but am I wrong in thinking we should be able to kiss someone and if they pull away then just call a halt with an embarrassed expression and glowing red cheeks? I remember one girl who used to work with me that I met up with at a staff do and moved in for the kiss at the end of the night. We ended up seeing each other for eleven months.

Interestingly the woman on the radio who said feminism had been taken too far talked of the possibility that equality might not be a hundred percent possible due to pregnancy. She pointed out that in school, college, university and the 30s woman fair better than men but it is around the time of motherhood that inequality at work occurs. I guess it makes sense when you think about it. I definitely don’t agree with the housewife philosophy. If a woman wants a career than you should both try and work towards it, find a plan to get there and you can manage it. You might have an extra job to do to cover daycare or beg and plead to relatives but there is no reason why a woman should be forced to be the one who stays at home.

However, a lot of women have strong maternal instincts and want to be at home with their baby, even if it isn’t indefinitely. With our baby on the way I’ve asked my partner to plan a way she doesn’t have to put her career on hold but she’s turned me down. Two or three years out of the workplace is going to hold your career back and its going to create inequality. Nevertheless all inequality at work can’t be due to this and there’s definitely a lot that needs to be done to help sort this matter out.

I really hate being plonked in a group who are seen as sexist and therefore morally poor. I’ve always supported my partners’ rights, been horrified when sexism and inequality rears its ugly ahead in abuse women taken advantage off, and disappointed in public opinion when society sees this as the norm and just something women have to live with. How many times now have I heard ‘Men see woman as…’ or ‘Men don’t understand what its like…’ and I’m branded along with those who do show prejudice and sexism

sexismPower to women but power to men too.