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Cheesecake Pressure

January 27, 2018


One of the biggest splashes on the world news scene is the supposed move toward unification of North and South Korea for the winter Olympics. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another rant about Trump or Communism but I’d like to write about a topic my son suggested; cheesecake.

In the world where the Olympics started some 2800 years ago, Ancient Greece was just as much eager to win the latest contest as we are nowadays. You might be surprised to find out, as I was, that the secret to a gold medal lies in cheesecake. This ancient equivalent of drug doping pumped the athlete full of high quantities of energy before the bashed it out with the other Greeks. It seems surprising that such cheating methods should have lasted so long (though technically it wasn’t cheating back then) and yet we have scandal after scandal in the modern world. In 2017 the Russian team was yet again banned due to doping, a country that has had over 1000 athletes caught and 51 Olympic medals stripped.

So why do we actually do this? In my opinion (the beauty of blogging) it is the pressure that the modern world puts upon people, fighting for them to be the best or reach the top. Education forces children towards higher grades, to fight for university placement or to get the better careers. Do we ever consider that a teenager might be happier with a low paid job that makes them the wage they need to live but gives them the time to enjoy life?

My other reasoning is one of the backbones of human history: war. Nowadays we have less warfare to compete over (I think) and instead of being the best on the battlefield we need to be the best in the stadium. War is all about defeating the opposition, having the best troops to be the best country so perhaps this is what drives us into such a frame of mind. Are we so fixated on such a way of thinking that even in modern day society those who rule push for high grades, high standards and high results. Its certainly food for thought.

All in all, I hope one day we can sit back and put our differences aside and create games that don’t involve being the best. Perhaps we can live up to those days when we tell them the lie that we’d like to believe ‘remember, its not winning that matters but its the taking part that counts’.

Either that or we should all sit down peacefully with each other and have a slice of cheesecake.