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Lie In

April 19, 2017


Ok, apologies, apologies – sleep overtook me and a lie in on my holiday was impossible to avoid. With an episode of Red Dwarf on TV, a meaty fry up only around the corridor and BBQ tonight, today will be another fantastic day. Brilliant episode today too – Lister is actually getting quite intelligent. Who knew!

So this was it. Hilmvich and his two henchmen had caught up with Wilhelm and the final confrontation was on. They had now made it to the edge of escaping. I remembered seeing picture of the river Thames with the wide river splitting the city into two. This was the way I saw things with ship after ship docked at the side. The citizens were trying to fight their way onboard like a mass of swarming rats escaping a sinking ship and the merchants were trying to hold them back.

I guess I knew it was time for a death. Lets face it, you have to have deaths in zombie books. I was watching an interview about such a show once (either that or reading an author’s work) and they said you mustn’t be afraid to kill the odd main character every now and again. I’d killed Valen straight away to show I didn’t mean the slaughter and tricked the reader into thinking Helmvich had died in the original fight scene. Aldar’s father and brother were finished off at the mill but no main character had gone for the choppy choppy so far. That was about to change.

Tom hadn’t been an amazing character. Though there was that relationship between him and his sister that I’d worked on, I hadn’t delved into him as much. He seemed sulky and almost childish so he had to go. It also invoked a lot of emotions in my characters. Aldar was seeing yet another family member die. Despite Tom not liking Wilhelm, the dark hero is one to help the weaker and so he is drawn into the fight that will end their tale. The question is: will Wilhelm survive?

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Scene unfolding

April 4, 2017

Death     The scene was now beginning to unfold in my head. Picture your usual Indiana Jones evil cult in the middle of a wood with your band of soldiers waiting to attack. Wilhelm and Helmvich lead the charge, beating back the cultists and looking as if they are defeating Khazar’s fanatics. They manage to rescue Emile, and she is pulled out. Given to Heinrich to escape, but then the tables turn. Khazar’s magic is complete and he starts to turn, gaining magical abilities that defeat the soldiers. Now it is about survival; will they or won’t they?

Oddly enough, I think the book only spans over a day and I don’t plan on making the sequel much longer. There’s about three ‘acts’ in it, with this short scene and the flight from Darkwoods as my first. Wilhelm turns to fighting Khazar to try and defeat him, whist allowing the rest to escape. Helmvich gets Emile to Heinrich and tries to buy them time whilst the Lord’s daughter and the young soldier escape.

Oddly I had quite a structure to each chapter. Each would be based from five character’s views and each view would be about five hundred words long. Though this became a guideline (there were certainly moments when I went over five hundred) and later I would write about a character’s opinions twice in one chapter, it pretty much stuck and worked throughout the book.

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