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Demon Rising is Live

June 2, 2017

500 pages and one masterpiece later, Stephan makes a horrifying discovery.Almost two years ago my brain was bubbling with too much Walking Dead and zombies when I figured I would like to write such a novel. Flicking over a unique take, a decided to do a fantasy as it seemed to me most zombie apocalypse shows and books were set in the modern world. What exactly would happen if the dead were unleashed on the land in the 17th or 18th century? Would the lower population numbers mean that it was less of a threat, unable to spread itself as much? Or perhaps tougher times would mean they people would be able to fight off the new terror. Would there be a supernatural reasoning behind it, bringing in magic and the unexplainable? Or would it have a scientific basis like many zombie apocalypse programs?

Nailing myself down in front of my laptop to actually complete this book, I started forcing myself to write a couple of thousand words a day. As usual my imagination shaped the pathway by book would take, coming up with ideas that I weaved into the novel. I decided that I would write it from the protagonists views, exploring the minds of each character and how they perceived the scenes. At that point I hadn’t read Game of Thrones so hadn’t seen a book done in such a way and it seemed like a different take.

By the end of the year it was finished with beta readers giving the thumbs up for the first five chapters. However, to my horror I realised I’d slipped back into past tense since chapter two! Having the change the tense of the whole book disheartened me and, with the year becoming busier than ever, I put down the quill and returned to the tedium of teaching and tutoring. Several months ago I promised to finish the redraft. I’d already written two short stories, Heart’s Siege and Into the Desert (only £0.99), based in the same world, stories taken from the characters backgrounds, and so I began to trudge through the chapters to finally reach the glorious day that is today.

I’m definitely not expecting big sales, possibly any sales lol, but its satisfying to finally publish my first book. There’s a proper cover being made but for the time being the one I’ve dug up seems pretty good. If you’re into fantasy books try Demon Rising , its only £3.10, and I hope you enjoy!

You can find out more about me and my books at my website at my website. You can read snippets about the book and look for other info in my updates page here or even give me a shout on the contacts page!

Happy reading!

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Holiday fever

April 14, 2017

cadoxton church.jpgThe room is buzzing this morning (not of the odorous variety) as my lovely partner prepares to take the girls on holiday. I don’t think I’ve seen them awake this early, being night birds who prefer to stay up late. I’m downing my usually morning caffeine intake whilst my sore throat and cold batters away at my immune system. Three days to fight back before I join my family in Center Parcs.

The temple/church scene that I wrote was based around Cadoxton church, my childhood religious establishment. I’d go to Sunday school there and learn about the bible, before being promoted to the church itself when my age range took me out of the classes. I even spent some time teaching there. Cadoxton church was where I got married and where the church service for my wife’s funeral was held so it means a lot to me and I know it well.

It was easy for me to picture the small trail that runs up to the huge building, and the ancient, worn slabs that line the ground just outside the church doors. Its rather a grand building, and I didn’t want this image to be laid out on the canvas, but the huge doors were still used as it gave Khazar a significant presence to the reader.

I think many horror movies have painted the church scenes as eerie and spooky, so although I didn’t go for this angle it will definitely play on the readers’ minds, particularly when dead start to raise out of the ground!

Exploring Khazar’s thoughts, we see a definite change from the man who wanted power to one who thinks he is trying to save a decaying kingdom by wiping the slate clean. This is one of the things I love about his character; its up to the reader to decide what is the real reason behind his insane plan of mass slaughter. Does he actually do this because he feels it will help other people in the long run? The way his thoughts describe it this is certainly the way things are playing out but just because he believes it does that actually make it the reason why he is doing it? Is this just justification for his actions? Only the reader can decide.

Keep the action coming

April 12, 2017

**EXCLUSIVE** Actor and star of 'Twilight' Kellan Lutz seen laughing and joking with model girlfriend Sharni Vinson while on a shopping trip at a Los Angeles mall

I started to get into the action now and so the typing came thick and fast. The images were coming to me and I just had to get the words down. My uncle’s yard has a large outdoor building known as the wood shed or cart shed, the former due to its new purpose as firewood storage and the later for, well, its old purpose as cart storage. This struck me as the next route for Wilhelm, Aldar and Tom to take. This would be another bite for Tom to take as Wilhelm saves the day, slashing out with the sword he locates inside whilst he gets Aldar up onto the cart.

It all made sense that I wanted the three parties (Emile and Joseph, Rondur and Heinrich, and Wilhelm, Tom and Aldar) to meet up in Abendale, a nice way to conclude the book. It was clearly turning into an escape from the jaws of death (or at least the jaws of undeath) book, and it would be the final scene of will they or won’t they. Bursting from the yard on the cart, they beat the dead back as they escape out onto the road and head the way to the city.

During this, the undead had been the closest threat to Wilhelm and the others, but I wanted to show the readers that they were being tracked down. Thus I needed to Helmvich and his vampires, gradually turning and closing in on Wilhelm. This would be the next pathway to describe.

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Sucky day, but at least there’s writing

April 2, 2017

Emile.jpgAfter yet another loss in the chess world, I’m dragging my feet home (or maybe my clutch) to sulk. A sucky season of difficult chess is wearing me down. Still, the latest opening I’ve learnt well and I’ll certainly be continuing with the Benko.

Anyhoo. Usual spoilers if you want to read my work as I’ll be talking about plot and characters etc. Emile is the next person to come onboard and she was one of my favourites. When I developed the first scene, she was going to be a sacrificial victim, stripped naked, and executed with Khazar’s axe. Or maybe she would escape. I figured there had to be a reason why this small army had come to rescue her and so the idea was born that she’s the daughter of the ruler of wherever this book is set. This developed further and further to keep me some fantastic twists in both Demon Rising and my sequel.

But the man twist for this first scene was a trick that Khazar had pulled. I wanted to draw the reader in to think that this was a typical fight with hero rescues damsel by killing the bad guy but instead Khazar wins. What if the damsel is rescued but this is part of his plan? Instead, the battle of the soldiers versus the cultists results in many deaths, the blood the Khazar needs to trigger his ascent to power and the rising of the dead. The plot thickens…

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April 1, 2017

celtic warrior.jpg

Heinrich was the first character I wrote about. My mind contemplated where to go with him and how to develop his personality. In the end, my Celtic blood won through and I figured that I would have him as the typical Celt; long blond hair, drooping moustache that is a sign of maturity. I knew I wanted him a young inexperienced warrior, maybe some when fighting off riff-raff but never having been part of war or battles where there are numerous dead. I was hoping he would develop throughout the story – how wrong can I be! He’s actually turned out to be one of my least favourite characters, especially in the first half, but he slowly grew on me as he made his way throughout the story. Although I definitely have several characters I prefer to write about (Rondur, Wilhelm and Emile are three of my favourites), Heinrich is becoming a little more interesting. I’ve found you tend to get torn apart when you develop characters in the zombie genre as, well, some will get torn apart. I’m of the Walking Dead/Game of Thrones idea that no one is off limits. It makes it all the more exciting! However, I still can’t always bear it to get the one’s I’m keen on chewed up so I’m pretty sure that if those eventually die it will be for something spectacular.

I’ve finished chapter eight’s redraft today and tomorrow I’ll be giving Nicola a call to see if she’s interested in doing the cover. I can’t exactly afford much buy heh ho perhaps she’ll do it for the fun!

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