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End of Life

January 26, 2018


It has always surprised me that we are willing to end the life of an animal, should it be suffering significantly enough, and yet euthanasia of humans is out of the question. I’m not saying we should finish off every person who’s on their last legs, its just that we seem to act more humanely on organisms of the Kingdom Animalia than those who are in a constant state of pain that can never be cured.

I guess this is the problem with the situation. How do we know that the pain can never be taken away? Though treatment may be around the corner or even a decade away, I can’t believe that there is possible treatment with every condition. As someone whose brave wife passed away to cancer and gradually was lost to pain killers, I don’t think I would have had the bravery to end her life unless she had requested it.

There has to be a fear within us all, a question that throbs in the back of the mind or beats its drum in the forefront. The question is ‘What if?’ and its a hard question to face. As humans we so want security and a definitive answer that we are sometimes afraid to step into the unknown and make decisions that require options and risks to be weighed up and assessed. That final decision of ‘nay’ can be significantly easier to make than ‘yeay’.

We recently lost author Terry Pratchett (I guess not so recently now) who was a strong supporter of euthanasia, and it makes it significantly easier to assess if we know what is required of us before hand. However, it is not so easy when an accident or condition comes out of the blue and then every decision is on our shoulders.

I suppose this is another supporting argument for a strong relationship between you and your next of kin, where someone knows what you wish even if you haven’t had a chance to tell them. I would like to think that my partner knows I am a fighter till the end but I would like to be left to care and the NHS rather than hold her life back. Much as I don’t give in I am not one to tear someone’s life apart.

Euthanasia is a tricky topic and it important that we respect anyone whether they argue for or against. In a time when the population rises further and further, the need for decision makers will grow and it is a topic we may very face in our own lives. Hats of to any who have to make such choices and I pray that it will never be my task to face such a hellish task.

On another note, I’m always looking for topics to discuss and give my thoughts on so if you have any ideas just leave a comment. Thanks for all those who have decided to follow and thanks to those who have given a like 🙂


Home Education and Theresa May

January 9, 2018

Home educationDefinitely a day that made me want to head butt the wall as the dog knocked glasses off my face (tip – don’t pick up mad, hyperactive, nutcase mongrels) and I turned around only to feel the ‘crunch’ beneath my foot. Honestly, its like something from a sitcom only this left me partially blind. Out came the glue, which seemed to fix the job, only now I have a smear of the stuff in my vision. Great.

Lack of time prevented me from getting on with the latest words I’ve plotted in my head, which made me a bit disappointed. So much for a new years resolution (two days after I started it). Fingers crossed this will just be a blip! In all fairness I did stay up till late helping one of my students, rather than getting on with much needed writing, so I have an excuse. Trouble is there are some times when I always have excuses…

Yesterday also saw us dosing the sheep, a job that went smoothly thanks to the trained nature of the sheep. It does mean Woolie is a step towards coming home (yeay!) after she’ll be PD’d (pregnancy diagnosis) later this week. For those who don’t know, Woolie is our pet sheep, given to us by my uncle as a runt who was rejected by her mother. After three…awwwwww.

Looks like Theresa May has had another black mark against her name with this cabinet shuffle cock up, failing to make changes that she said would come. Will it make a difference though? I’d like to think that by now the Joe Bloggs will understand that she is not a good leader but will they vote for Labour? I’d like to think so as Corbyn seems a much better guy to have in charge! Saying that, we have a local labour party member who is trying to infiltrate the home education groups and with this forced register coming out (honestly it sounds like something from the Hitler’s regime) coming out there is a severe lack of trust. Its almost as if she wants to gather information about the home educated.

Perhaps we’re paranoid but can you blame the home education society? People don’t understand the way they have been mistreated. I had one friend whose child suffered severe anxiety but wanted to try to go back into school for a few days. They were told by the school that this was fine and she could always leave again only for them to find letter after letter and threat after threat piled against them when the girl couldn’t cope. So much for being allowed to leave. Local Education Authority officials falsely tell parents that they have every right to enter people’s houses (this happens on numerous occasions) breaching people’s privacy. And now, with one child dying of nutrition deficiency in the home education world, everyone is put under scrutiny. Let me ask you, how many children are abused that come from state schools? How much children have died by mistreatment who go to the state schools? A hell of a lot more.

People simply fear what they don’t know. And that’s the crux of the matter; there is a lack of trust between LEAs and the Home Educated and that needs to be fixed before we can work together. Personally, I don’t see a forced register as allowing this to happen.

Jedi Powers and Writer’s Block

January 7, 2018

mark hamill.jpgGood old Trump strikes again. By the way I apologise to any Americans who are reading these blog posts but hell, the end of the world is something I have to write about. Have you actually seen the child like remarks he’s made about Wolff’s book? It does not make him look good. If there’s one damn thing you don’t do to illustrate you’re not mentally like a child is spill insults and snaps like a child! Has anyone seen Mark Hamill’s reply to Trump? I can only hope that he can use his Jedi mind powers to control Trump’s temper tantrums. Remember he has a bigger button.

Another grouch of today’s news is the media’s love of slagging off celebrities and royalty. The latest punch is Meghan Markle’s sister-in-law assaulting her fiancée, I should say allegedly, but so what? These aren’t the rulers of the country. Hell, they don’t even know what has actually happened. Just to sell papers or please ads on websites they’ll publish anything that will scratch under the surface of public curiosity.

A session down the farm and a session with the pizzas pretty much took up a day that started with the splat of two teabags falling from my teaspoon to leave a brown liquid psychological interpretation image on the floor. However, all things considered the day was good as a new student signed up (only for four lesson but hey ho money’s money and as my wallet is empty and I was close to setting up a pole dancing club I’m more than happy).

In all the best part of my day was getting through my writer’s block (hence the exert from my last post). 1300 words of a story that I was happy with and now on to the next part. It came to me that Khazar could capture Nils’ son as he tries to get the message to Ancora, sacrificing him to control Nils (who has the death charm). It’s a nice twist and one I didn’t think of but as it happens most of my ideas come to me during my writing. Is this the same for everyone else? After that its on with the next chapter, back to Wilhelm and Aldar as they escape the tribesmen who are going to hunt them down. In jump the Elves…Finally I’m moving closer to a scene I thought of about a year ago! Nothing more satisfying than finally getting it down on paper!

Trump, Pizzas and Sparks

January 6, 2018


Today I read the next story in the Trump saga and it amazes me how the world believes how naïve people are. Mind you perhaps we all are. Refusing to block Trump’s twitters, the site is now stating that they won’t block world leaders as it would stop important matters being debated. Do people really believe this? Its obvious that the number of followers and viewers on these sites is much more essential to the sites than world safety (come on, stating ‘I’ve got a bigger nuclear bomb than you’ is not the way for a world leader to behave) and it can’t be the case that people actually believe this bull. I guess what difference will whinging make in the end though? I’ve been waiting for nuclear Armageddon for the last year and, though there have been other times when I think the clock has come closer to striking midnight, I flinch when I read Trump’s latest nutcase statements. Hope you’ve had a nice life if this first post (in quite a while) is my last.

A good time delivering pizzas yesterday was highlighted by the addition of an extra student and stained by the snail slow internet that we now have. Can you believe that Talk Talk can’t send out an engineering until the 16th!? Eleven days of sluggish hell as I but my head against the wall. Ironically I remember the ZX Spectrum when I was a kid and the repeated buzzing for at least quarter of an hour as we waited for the games to load. I guess my patience has slowly been striped away as the world has got much faster.

The sparks that are lighting up my writing life are actually highlighting a way back into writing and I’m actually looking forward to getting on with my sequel to Demon Rising. I’ve actually sent my first book to an agent (though I don’t think I’ll actually get it published without a platform – man it was impossible to scrape together a writing CV with my lack of experience) and felt quite proud in myself. Now I only have to start the actual writing again…

A few thoughts

May 3, 2017

contemplation.jpgArgghh! Life seems to be overtaking me at the moment at a time in the year when I’m extremely busy. Tuition work is overloading and, although the bucks are coming in, they always seem to be draining out at a faster rate. I’ve found some more work writing notes for a student but its never enough!

I’ve churned my way through job adverts, finding very little that will fit in and be flexible. I’m even contemplating going back to delivering those good old pizzas in the evening. I actually worked for six months in Domino a few years back and it was a really nice place, but after going to higher wages its never nice to sink back down again.

Teaching might be on the cards. I’ve never wanted to return to the full time job but if the work income outweighs the money we’d lose from benefits then just maybe I might go for it. I’ve already found several to apply for and the pen is hovering. Sigh.

With Demon Rising I’m waiting for the beta reader feedback. I’m publishing at the end of the month, whatever happens, and it would be nice to incorporate their thoughts but its not going to stop me this time. In eight days I start doing the twenty day countdown. Perhaps I could try my dad and get feedback from him? The Facebook article site I write for science and maths is going well, I get about forty readers on average (over a hundred people read my best article!) and although to some that’s a piddling nothing I’m happy. Its better than one or two readers!

I guess the question is how do I go forward from here? I have tonnes of jobs to do but don’t seem focused enough to do them. Maybe that’s the thing. When I stop and go to do something else I need to find a job instead. Whenever my hands hover the enter key after typing in ‘’ I need to press delete. Either way, I need to change something.

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