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Hulk Smash

April 10, 2017

hulkI think Heinrich getting punched through the stable door had to have come from a superhero movie.

The Marvel films are certainly a major part of my film schedule and YouTube channels such as WhatCulture have solidified the images and battles in my brain. So when it came to Heinrich being attacked (and just about surviving) the blow that a he receives throws him backwards across the yards to his the stable door unconscious. Luckily, the strigoi are too eager too kill the tavern’s residence to see if the job is complete. Well, luckily for Heinrich.

With Heinrich asleep in the stables, my next contemplation was how Rondur survives. I’d already read about wells that inns used to have for watering traveller’s horses, so it was easy to write one in with a small wooden roof to it. Within leaping distance of Rondur’s bedroom window, he throws himself across only to crash through the well’s roof at into the depths below. Thankfully the roof does not give straight away under gradually gives way underneath him, slowing his descent.

The final escapees were Emile and Joseph. By now I’d described how Khazar has a special role for Emile (and I’ll be adding more about it to the epilogue) so it was a fairly easy escape route. They don’t get attacked with the strigoi under Khazar’s orders. This also allowed me to have Emile questioning why this is happened so that her doubts about Joseph grow, but in the heat of the moment such matters are dismissed.

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Other supernatural occurrences

April 9, 2017

strigoi 2I could do the whole book as a zombie apocalypse or I could bring in other supernatural phenomenon. Like I’ve already said, I didn’t want this to be a huge world with orcs and dwarves and elves fighting it out as we seen in Warhammer, D&D and Middle Earth. Instead, I wanted any supernatural occurrences to be rarities, more myths and legends to the everyday Joe Bloggs. This would give an altogetherstrigoi more shocking effect on the Kingdom’s residence when there’s suddenly an apocalypse of the walking dead!

At the inn, three thugs became possessed by the spiritual forms of Helmvich and two of the cultists, eventually transforming them into vampires. Actually I called them strigoi, the concept that vampires developed from. In Romanian culture, they believed that these were the spirits of the dead that arose from the ground.

The following scene would be a slaughter fest, with the strigoi’s new powers over taking their minds and a bloodlust making the kill the residence. With new strength and speed, none survive. I liked this idea as it then got the readers thinking how the characters can even live through it. Come to think of it, I was thinking pretty much the same!

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Picture taken from, original from The Strain