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Capitalist Versus Communist

January 24, 2018


I’ve been teaching about the Russian Revolutions recently and studying up on the various topics has been interesting, opening my eyes further to the ways in which people were treated in this growing communist state. Millions of people died through the Civil War, famines brought on through natural disasters and War Communism, The Purge and Red Terror.

And yet you can see the ideas and reasons why such a form of government became popular. The capitalist countries have so much corruption amongst the higher powers that it clearly shows the weakness of our system. Are millions of people taken advantage of throughout the Western world? Maybe it does not cause the deaths of so deaths as those who suffered in the first half of 20th century Russia but people are certainly taken advantage of.

I come from a middle class family but I’ve lived most of my life in the working class, at least according to categorisation by wage. You realise that the businesses and governmental bureaucracy seriously takes advantage of the people who cannot form a solicitor. Many times I’ve had utility providers make mistakes due to their systems.

‘I’ve just made two payments because I had a letter from you threatening to take me to court. I’d actually made the payment but didn’t realise it.’

‘Ah but the letter takes a week to get to you so the one you got threatening to take you to court was irrelevant.’

‘So can I have the money back. I need it to pay another bill.’

‘Ah well sorry there but that’s not how the system works. It was your responsibility to contact us. You’ll have credit next month.’

‘I don’t need the credit next month, I need the money this month or I’ll be fined.’

‘Ah well sorry but that’s not how the system works.”

This doesn’t put my faith in the capitalist system where the financially unsound have no way to fight those who have their pockets laden with cash.

That’s not to say I agree with communism. The system of having just the people in charge and no way of building up something in your life seems very bleak. Or at least it does in a true communist regime. I’m sorry, but if I work hard I want reward rather than seeing a lazy good-for-nothing being treated just as equally. Send them to the firing squads! Ok, maybe I’m not that harsh. I just don’t know which way to turn.

When we go by governments that currently exist they’re not pleasant examples. Russia with Putin in charge who just has a little too much control over people’s say; North Korea who…need I say more; North Vietnam that hasn’t got the best of reputations; Cuba full of its corruption; and, probably the best of all, China. Saying that, China isn’t really truly communist any more so I guess that would shouldn’t be counted.

Quick fact, I’ve just read that North Korea isn’t actually a communist state. Who knew.

Personally I prefer this capitalist world but it doesn’t make me overly happy. Maybe its the cynicism you develop with age but I’m only 37, surely I shouldn’t be feeling so disappointed in the corruption I can see. Then again, perhaps we don’t look at the good side. We have freedom of speech, a huge push toward equal opportunities, the right to vote, the right to own capital and the list goes on. Perhaps there’s a reason why people often immigrate to the capitalist world but few emigrate to the communist world. If I remember the upsides, rather than looking at the downsides, maybe my capitalist world will look just that little bit better.